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      Clearly the quarrels which led to warmer attachments had nothing to do with Alices late fury about Fysons, and her mother, throwing tact and delicacy about a daughters heart to the winds, tried another method of battering her way into it. She could not conceive why Alice did not tell her that Mr Silverdale had proposed to her.

      She sighed.

      Of course. I am consulting you.

      Why? It is very unwise of you. Ill tell Mr Keeling as soon as I get there in the morning. Im sure hell think you were right.


      Yes, my dear, and you from church. I sat in the nave, if you want to know, and came out before the sermon.


      Why of their becoming sisters. I am no match-maker, thank God, but really the way in which Mr Silverdale introduced his sister to Alice, why, I have never seen anything like it. This is my Helper, Margaret, he said, or perhaps it was Martha: I could not quite catch the name. This is my dear Helper (that was it) and I couldnt do without her. What do you say to that?


      Im afraid thats quite impossible, sir, she said, now that you have told me that you dont consider my work worth that. Good-morning, sir.